Entertainment systems on the ocean require some special considerations and design expertise in order to elevate the experience to the level that owners of luxury ocean vessels desire. That is why AME designs and installs audiovisual systems that provide an uncompromising sonic and visual experience anywhere and everywhere on the boat.

Custom lighting, gaming and mobile device systems can all be integrated with customized universal remote control to create your one-of-a-kind entertainment experience on the ocean. Customized entertainment systems can include everything from satellite TV with KVH Tracvision antennas to audio systems designed to provide clear, high fidelity, natural sound onboard. That can include other entertainment desires such as gaming consoles, Internet access, mobile digital devices like tablets, phones, and custom installed lighting that can be controlled throughout the boat.

Sleek custom console interfaces and shelving along with hidden but easily accessible structured cabling are designed to fit the style of your boat for easy access. Whether your needs are simple or complex, our mission is to design and install a custom solution that will work for your vessel and your entertainment lifestyle on the ocean.

Satellite, TV, Internet

No luxury yacht would be complete without satellite TV, but the final system design must be based on the fit to the vessel, the needs of the owners and most importantly, the areas across the globe that your boat will call home on the water. At AME, we consult with you to understand your level of wanderlust as well as the ports-of-call that you regularly call home. That enables us to choose just the right KVH antenna for optimum reception.

Whether it’s for business, entertainment, or both, Internet access is a must have that can be accommodated with your satellite system. As a leader in luxury boat electronic system design, AME looks at your design from every angle, including how to save you money. 

Audio and Video

The dream audiovisual system for your boat may be highly elaborate, so HDTVs can easily be part of the design. Other digital TVs can be incorporated into the boat’s design so that they have equal programming access in the salon, cabins, the deck and anywhere else onboard. While the satellite can be one source of programming, we can include digital players such as Apple TV and Roku for streaming movies and other programming.

The sounds of the waves and seagulls are certainly a lovely part of the boating experience, but so too is your favorite music or having high fidelity and surround sound for your TV viewing experiences. AME can design multi-speaker systems for the entire boat that are interconnected to all audiovisual devices. All speakers are carefully chosen for each custom install and discretely matched to interiors with optimal positioning to maximize acoustics.

Ultimately, we can put control of all entertainment and lighting systems in the palm of your hand with a simple and intuitive universal remote matched to your entertainment system.

That means that digital players with portable device interfaces, networked central storage for your music library and more are all accessible at the touch of a button on a hand-held device or wall-mounted control panel.

Seamless Integration, Optimal Performance and Impeccable Design

As a matter of course, our NMEA certified electronic technicians/installers/designers work closely with our seasoned craftsmen to ensure that all systems are electronically and physically integrated into the natural functional beauty of your boat. With our advanced audio systems, clients can enjoy music throughout every space of their yacht for convenience of use.

We also specialize in integrating other platforms into your system such as lighting, Blu-ray players, tablets, phone streaming to TV and more. At the foundation of any AV network is the structured cabling. It connects all AV servers, control systems, lighting and other devices together, allowing multimedia traffic to be routed quickly around the yacht. AME structured cabling designs, components and installation ensures that the system delivers on the promise of high fidelity, vessel-wide agility, and visual depth.

At AME, our expert teams of designers and installers have decades of collective experience working in all types of boats from the small 14 footer to 92 foot luxury yachts and beyond. Consequently, they have the expertise to ensure that the structured cabling is hidden from view in a way that allows the function and beauty of the boat to shine. As technology evolves, all installed systems can be easily upgraded by our team, with minimal intrusion.

We will work with you to discover your wants and needs, and even provide examples of systems we have installed in the past. As a factory certified technical dealer for many of the most respected names in audio and visual entertainment, our team can get you exactly what you are looking for.