AME Security and Monitoring Solutions

For most people that love being on the ocean, their boat is the center of a lifestyle rather than just a pastime. Protecting that investment when you’re onshore is of paramount importance, and Atlantic Marine Electronics specializes in security system design and installation that will keep your boat safe from intruders and theft.

Living in the digital age makes it easier than ever to create wireless systems that can provide alerts and global tracking of your boat from your smartphone or other digital device. From entry alarms with door and window sensors, motion sensors to hidden camera systems for detecting intruders and location tracking via GPS devices to detect unauthorized boat movement, AME can create a complete security and monitoring system for your boat.

The goal is to keep your boat safe, and to keep you and the proper authorities informed of anything suspicious when you’re away from your boat. Monitoring and security systems allow you to access your yacht by mobile device from anywhere in the world. Dial in and view systems status in real time, or view onboard cameras in real time or view past events.

AME creates customized solutions for each client and boat using the broadest selection of marine security and alarm solutions and accessories that detect intruders before your valuable boat can be damaged. Among the leading marine security technology providers that we stand behind are the proven and respected marine security solutions from global ocean security technology solutions provider, GOST.

Anywhere, Anytime Tracking and Intruder Alert Systems

For example, the GOST Nav-Tracker GPS Tracking System has a transmitter that can be mounted discreetly on a boat. The system creates a wireless “geofence” with a 500-meter radius around your boat. If the boat moves outside of the pre-set “fence,” the Nav-Tracker uses an uplink via satellites to an earth station and then to GOST’s dedicated server to notify up to 10 people by e-mail and/or text message. These messages are sent every five to 15 minutes along with the vessel’s latitude/longitude, speed and heading.

This and other systems can be integrated with other security system solutions like hatch motion detectors, smoke detectors, door contacts, infrared beam sensors, and high water sensors. AME can even add sirens for extra protection. Systems can be customized to broadcast text message alerts directly to a cell phone and multiple visual signals for emergencies. In addition, AME can implement FLIR thermal imaging as a security complement in addition to navigation and location security solutions.

AME electronic security professionals work with each client to design a custom package that suits their budget while providing comprehensive security and monitoring to the vessel. In addition, our security experts work with each client to develop a sound security policy and protocol so that you can choose the right marina for your vessel with the added security protocols that bolster the safety of your vessel.

Your boat is more than a monetary investment, so loss or damage is an unthinkable tragedy. At AME, we provide the proven security and monitoring expertise as well as the design and installation skills that can create a comprehensive security and monitoring solution that keeps your boat on the water and securely under your control.