Since our founding in 2003, AME has operated by taking a visionary approach to serving the needs of our customers regardless of the era or the challenge. With more than 300 new builds to our credit and an even greater number of rebuilds, retrofits and upgrades, AME has a history of technical excellence in providing intuitive user-interfaces smartly styled for modern helms.

Like our parent company Viking Yachts, one of the nation’s preeminent yacht manufacturers for 51 years, AME is driven by our core mission to always operate with the highest integrity, unequaled transparency, and a dedication to quality craftsmanship that is in constant pursuit of excellence.

Our highly trained and experienced workforce is backed by a team of leading NMEA and CMET certified technicians, and our technicians also participate in annual training for many of the major electronic companies. Like our upcoming finalization of NMEA Master Dealer status, these attributes are merely part of the framework that drives us to continue that reputation for quality and excellence.

The End-to-End Solutions Provider

As part of our mission to develop the most comprehensive and cutting-edge product portfolio in the marine electronics industry, AME is structured as an end-to-end solutions provider. We provide design, engineering, and installation implementation of systems from all the major marine electronics manufacturers.

Our strong commitment to quality and reliability is evidenced by our ability to consolidate all aspects of system installation. This ranges from initial contact to estimate quoting, design, installation and user training. All of these attributes are focused on providing you with the peace of mind that comes with accuracy and continuity throughout the entire marine electronics service process.

We are focused on providing you with the peace of mind that comes with accuracy throughout the marine electronics service process.

AME starts with a four-person design team that is expert in CAD and working in the 3D environment alongside Viking engineers on the boats, interiors, and electrical designs of tomorrow. Over the last few years, we’ve expanded and now provide those same services to owners of boats from a wide variety of manufacturers and nearly every class from 14 footers to luxury yachts that reach and exceed the 100-foot range.

This team then works closely with our five-person quality control teams and project supervisors to oversee the entire installation process from the initial planning to the last system check. At every point in the process, these teams are checking and rechecking specifications and installation steps on a granular level to ensure quality that goes far beyond the industry’s gold standard.

Custom Solutions for Each Client’s Needs

Every client has a different need and a desire for a unique experience on the ocean.  This is why AME provides the capability to customize a package to suit individual needs. Luxury boating is only as enjoyable as the quality and reliability of the boat and the electronic systems will allow. Rather than looking for electronic maritime solutions provided by less than reputable one-man operations, AME brings the experience and solid reputation of more than 80 skilled craftsmen and technicians, state-of- the-art facilities, and a global service and support reach. That means unequaled service, customer care, installation and follow-up support wherever you may be and whenever you need it for stellar experiences on the ocean.