High quality communication at sea is not just a matter of safety but also a matter of truly fulfilling the needs of a contemporary lifestyle and the oceangoing experience. The fast and reliable exchange of data and verbal communications is particularly essential on today’s luxury yachts. Good communication benefits both the owners and their guests and the efficient operation of the yachts themselves. Whether your need is for internal or external communications, we have the expertise and technical knowledge to help you to make those connections. We also aim to make your life easier by specifying easy-to-use, intuitive systems that can be mastered in minutes.

Communication System Performance, Quality and Convenience

Our state-of- the-art communications systems are built on the most advanced technologies and solutions featuring intuitive and simple operation from the leading manufacturers in the maritime communication industry. From quality internet connections and ship-wide Wi-Fi to satellite and cellular communications, the AME team of technical specialists and installers know the ins and outs of communication gear integration for satellite, VHF, and Cellular connectivity aboard your yacht.

Our vast knowledge in maritime communication systems enables us to ensure the best possible reception at all times with the customized systems that we design. Our many years in boat design and a unique understanding of the boating experience is fundamental to the approach of our craftsmen. The result is that antennae and below deck systems are unobtrusive and are placed for the highest user convenience.

Integrated Communication System Platforms

When creating a customized multi-function communication system for each client, AME aims to create gold standard electronics while maintaining the design of your boat. This is true for:

Cellular Systems

Our cellular systems are a cut above the average consumer products with higher power modems designed by the leading manufactures in cellular component design.

Satellite Systems

When you hit deep water and leave port far behind, our KVH mini V Sat satellite systems can keep you connected for all forms of communication.

Two-way Radio and Wi-Fi Systems

AME shipboard two-way radio systems are the pinnacle of marine VHF systems while our Wi-Fi systems are designed to provide the strongest reception while using an intelligent channel sequence for least cost routing benefits.

Staying connected at sea is paramount to boating safety and security as well as the leisure boating and yachting lifestyle. AME is dedicated to providing communication systems that flawlessly deliver on both counts. You are assured that our communication systems will deliver powerful consistent and reliable connection at a reasonable cost.