AME Team

With a staff of more than 50 people, the AME Team is defined by expertise and a dedication to quality, continual learning and innovation. While we would love nothing more than to list every member of our team on this page, practicality dictates that we adhere to brevity. Just know that we are incredibly proud to have all of them on our team, and without them we could not continually reestablish our excellence as leaders in marine electronics.

New Jersey

Todd Tally

General Manager

Steve Lange

Production Manager

Chad Clarke

Sales Manager

John Christie

Service Manager

Jeanette Silva

Office Manager

Abe Stubley

Production Supervisor

Hector Rodriguez


Troy Maxwell


Bob Ventura

Foreman – Viking Mullica Operation

Kenneth Skiles

Engineering Technician

Sonny Basore

Fabrication & Equipment Layout Specialist

John Krug

Senior Technician of Engineering and Support

William Winkel Jr

Quality Control & Delivery Specialist

Sean Wilson

Purchasing & Sales Support

Kyle Mathis


Jim Arasz

Service Technician

Pavel Shapovalov

Service Technician

Lee Ann Blake

Sales Administrator

Riviera Beach, Florida

Rich Kolasinski

General Manager

Dave Luce

Service Manager

Mike O’Connor

Project Manager

Herb Martinez

Service Technician

Andy Lafferty

Service Technician

Antonio Guerrero

Service Technician

Michael Gruetter

Quality Control & Delivery Technician

Bill Cunane

Quality Control & Delivery Specialist

Brian Sturges


Bradenton, Florida

Jon Avery

Gulf Coast General Manager

Graham Voorhees

Service Manager

Destin, Florida

Ken Nemcik