AME Safety Solutions:
Keeping You Safe On The Water

At AME, your personal safety on the water as well as the safety of your boat is our overriding concern. Consequently, we not only design and install customized safety solutions for your boat, we also work with our clients to ensure that they have the education and skills to ensure their safety onboard under any and all circumstances.

Boating can only be fully enjoyed when you know that your life is secure. That is why AME offers a diverse range of the latest and proven safety solutions that will keep you and your boat safe. Everything from life rafts and jackets, first aid kits, EPIRBs and PLBs, signaling devices and safety lights to alarm systems and safety monitoring devices.

AME has an extensive background specific to the yachting safety field and all supplies and equipment needed to operate a boat.

We can create a custom safety, security and monitoring system for your boat so that when you’re on land, you can ensure that your boat is secure. We can also spec just the right type of CCTV cameras, monitors, door triggers and alarm systems to keep intruders off your boat when you’re docked.

Using GOST systems, we can design and install safety alarms that keep you informed of ship system functions such as monitoring bilge water level, smoke and vapor detection, and power loss. All of these systems trigger alerts that can automatically send you email, text messages, or even voice notification so that you can take proper action. The voice systems are pre-programmed with specific message alerts so that you know exactly what is amiss.

As marine electronic security and monitoring system specialists, AME has the security system design experts that work in tandem with our certified and highly experienced install technicians and craftsmen to create a custom solution for your specific boat and boating lifestyle. From new builds to refits on almost any type of boat from an endless list of manufacturers, we can create the perfect solution. AME only utilizes the best-in-class technology solutions that can be integrated to create the perfect solution for your boat.

If you need to service and update your safety equipment or procedures, be assured that we only provide the highest standards in materials and services. Our team is standing by if you require an evaluation of your yacht’s safety, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.